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Our sturdy and reliable Turtle Step Stool stays right where you place it, ready to help in those times where you... can't... quite... reach... it. Perfect to help your little ones reach the cookies, and even brush their teeth.

Some even use it as a seat. Or a table and just sit on the floor while using the back of the Turtle Step Stool for a perfect place to do their drawings and eat their lunch with their friend the turtle.

Our Step Stools are built sturdily and will generally hold the weight of an adult. (Though we don't recommend it.)

They are great as is, in unfinished wood. But that also makes them ready for any non-toxic paint or stain you want to use to get creative with your kids and make these stools something you'll keep forever.


Length: 44cm
Width: 23cm
Height: 31.5cm

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