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Hold on to your lunch! City and beach dwellers the world over can related to being coerced into sharing their chips and sandwiches with these ones! Aside from the sound of the surf, what says "Seaside" more than a  seagull? Comical as he might be, the seagull is a very intelligent bird, attentive and caring. Apparently it can also drink both sea and freshwater! This bioindicator of a bird, is also unfortunately in steep decline.

Mr Gull is born entirely from glass - no paints, glazes or moulds. His shape was designed and hand-cut, then layers of coloured crushed glass built up on the clear shape before firing the bird is in a kiln over many hours.  I initial each bird on his reverse. The bird comes with his own detachable driftwood perch that has been sanded on the underside for stability. Simply slot the birds legs into the holes in the top side of the wood. 

  • Handcrafted in Nova Scotia from glass (no paints, glazes or molds)
  • Glass bird ornament complete with live edge log perch (if you prefer a driftwood perch, please add a note to your order)
  • Artisan Studio-Glass made in Nova Scotia
  • Size Approximately 4-4.5 " for adult, 2.5-3" for chick

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