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Title: Edible Flowers

Sku: PGE

  • Edible Flower Garden (anise hyssop, signet marigold, Johnny-jump-up, mixed nasturtiums, and garland chrysanthemum) Beautiful yet edible flowers that add a totally new dimension to the art of cooking. The use of flowers in the kitchen is not new but the interest in fresh grown food and unique flavours has sparked a resurgence of interest in this country. Edible flowers range in flavour from mild to piquant and can be used fresh or dried, raw or cooked. Includes: recycled US steel tin, 5 seed varieties, garden stakes, directions with tips. Tin 5" diam.
  • Organic Herb Garden for Wine Lover's (greek oregano, basil bouquet, garlic chives, english thyme, Italian parsley) A collection of culinary herbs carefully chosen to compliment your culinary skills and fine wine selections. These are herbs that can be matched with an endless array of foods. If you are new to the art of pairing wines with dishes seasoned with herbs the accompanying booklet will provide some simple guidelines. Includes: recycled US steel tin, 5 seed varieties, garden stakes, directions with tips. Tin 5" diam.

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