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Know Your Ducks Book

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Here is a handbook jam-packed with useful facts about ducks that will give duck owners and duck lovers all they need to know to understand and care for a duck, a family of ducks, or a whole raft of ducks. It's the perfect book to help you identify duck breeds. There is a description and photograph of each duck breed and information about its origins and history. For many of the breeds, author Jack Byard gives a description of their personality, egg laying, and flying abilities as well as how they are best kept. Did you know that ducks can live for up to 20 years when cared for properly? Byard's book is the perfect introduction for novices. It's essential, of course, to understand an animal's needs if you are going to foster, own, or raise them. Byard explains the nature of duck mating habits, what their eggs look like, and how long ducklings take to hatch. He explains how ducks socialize with each other and other species, as well as tips on how to provide them with a shelter that can protect and preserve their eggs and keep them safe from both predators and extreme weather conditions. Byard grew up in the English countryside amongst animals. He is eager to share his knowledge and passion for country life, homesteading, and raising animals. No duck lover could have a better mentor.

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