Amaranth Stoneware

Nest Depot

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  • A highly versatile product for backyard wildlife! The Nest Depot helps the birds, ladybugs and even your shrubs.

  • Fill with wool or pet hair and hang in your garden to help birds find nesting/roosting materials to build their homes.

  • Fill with grass clippings and leaves to create a safe home for ladybugs.

  • Fill with soap ends or dryer sheets to keep deer away from your favorite shrubs! 

  • Each Nest Depot is handcrafted using natural stoneware and fired to 2000*F, making it entirely weatherproof. They will maintain their beauty in ice, snow or intense heat. No fading, no cracking. Measures approximately 8 1/2" x 3 1/2". Natural white and red stoneware featuring recycled glass and clay beads.

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