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Butterfly Puddler

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Title: Fern


  • Invite butterflies to stay a while!  When you walk through a garden there is sometimes a special stone that holds water, a place for birds, butterflies, bugs and bees. A spot for a sip when all else is dried up. Our Butterfly Puddler creates an oasis for butterflies! The designs will grace your garden with natural beauty.

  • To use, put the Puddler within your view then watch for the creatures who will visit. Fill the well with sand & water. Butterflies will “drink” the minerals left when the water evaporates.

  • Each Butterfly Puddler is handcrafted using natural stoneware and fired to 2000*F, making it entirely weatherproof. They will maintain their beauty in ice, snow or intense heat. No fading, no cracking. Each Butterfly Puddler measures about 8 1/2” x 8 1/2”. Made of natural stoneware and recycled glass, no toxic resins to break down and destroy our environment.

  • Handcrafted in Kingston, Ontario by one of our awesome team members at Amaranth Stoneware. Weatherproof stoneware, lead-free, safe and natural! We are proud of our Canadian made products, and hope you take pleasure in our art. 

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