Kitras 3” Blossom Ball

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Style: Best Wishes


Flowers are used to celebrate life's special moments and with the Kitras Blossom Collection these moments can be remembered through flowers that never stop blooming! The flowers on this Blossom item are created using an opaque glass that gives the look and feel of a real blooming flower. The green “stem” webbing is pulled from the bottom to top of the item and completes the truly unique flower bouquet-look of this Blossom piece.
Comes in a variety of designs with their own unique intentions:
Best Wishes - “The blossoms in this world are endless, and so are my best wishes for you!” 
Greetings -  “Greetings to you from me with this joyful blossom.” 
Thinking of you - “Blossoms are to be shared, just like my thoughts for you.” 
Friendship - “Your friendship adds blossoms to my garden of life, may it continue to grow.”
Sympathy - “The beauty of blossoms can comfort us and lift our spirits.” 
Thanks - “Like the number of flowers in the world, my appreciation is endless.”

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