Nesting Season!

It's almost Spring! That means birds will soon be thinking about NESTING, and it's time to make sure you have your BIRDHOUSES CLEAN AND READY. Swallows are one of the earlier nesters, and the PURPLE MARTIN IS OUR LARGEST SWALLOW. They are "colonial" nesters, which means they NEST IN A GROUP close together. Purple martins eat many flying insects (but not many mosquitoes, as is often said). Bats eat LOTS of mosquitoes, so installing a BAT HOUSE is your best bet there. We have PURPLE MARTIN HOUSES(shown right) and many other styles of bird houses for you to choose from. We also have SQUIRREL-PROOF BIRDFEEDERS, finch feeders, nonGMO BIRDSEED, and GIFTS galore! Make sure to check out our "What's New" Section! (click above)

Welcome to Featherfields.

There are few shops better tailored to
the love of the outdoors than Featherfields,
The Bird and Garden Store, located in
London, Ontario. It is a haven for bird-
lovers and gardeners ...more


Maple Products!

Just arrived! Fresh, pure maple sugar candy and maple syrup from local producer, Crinklaw's. These luscious, sweet treats are quintessentially Canadian!

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