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Joan’s a Keeper Honey Lip Balm


Made especially for chapped and cracked lips, Joan's signature lip balm provides comforting relief for dry lips. Soothing vitamin E nurtures tender skin while beeswax creates a protective barrier that seals in precious moisture. A hint of yummy natural flavor adds a sweet surprise.

How to Use: Apply to your lips as often as you like. Joan says don't wait for them to be dry!


  • Quenches and replenishes dry lips
  • Prevents chapping and cracking
  • Creates a protective barrier against harsh weather


  • Winter Mint: a refreshing cool mint that reminds us of snowy mornings.
  • Spring Blossom: a lightly sweet flavor that reminds us of a blooming orchard.
  • Summer Fruit: a ripe and juicy flavor that reminds us of days in the sun.
  • Unscented: just that, pure, clean, and free of fragrance.