The Bird Gardener

Emily White

When planning your garden this year, think about what your local birds like to eat. Hummingbirds particularly like long tubular flowers in bright shades of orange, red, pink, and purple. Remember, masses of colour are more likely to attract passing birds than are single plantings. Try cardinal flower, bee balm, trumpet honeysuckle, and red salvia.

Members of the daisy family and native grasses will provide plenty of seed for the finches, buntings, doves, and sparrows. Try planting blanket flower, sunflower, and coneflowers.

Robins, orioles, and waxwings prefer fruit-producing shrubs and trees. These will also provide birds with protective cover, nesting sites and song perches. Mulberry, dogwood, and serviceberry are all good choices.

Any native plant will attract a variety of insects of course, so warblers, chickadees, and flycatchers will always have a feast of insects to choose from.

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